A groundbreaking auction platform for Fine Art and Antiques

Reaching a world of new buyers.

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A groundbreaking auction platform for a new generation, where fine art and antiques meets future technologies.

In an auction industry first, Snoofa is turning online buying into online shopping by providing an environment where personalised feeds learn and adapt to intelligently nurture the interests of bidders.

Created exclusively for auctioneers, galleries and dealerships, we offer a range of specialist auctioneering tools enabling you to create and run bespoke auctions. With considerable auctioneering experience, the Snoofa team are on hand to offer guidance about auction options and logistics.

Global Reach, Community Feel

Our seasoned team brings decades of auction experience, with a proven track record in revolutionising auction practices.

Generations change and so should the technology. Buyers expect more and Snoofa provides it.

Our vibrant and engaging marketing campaigns are focussed on client acquisition, attracting new buyers to the platform. Through social media, influencer partnerships, or targeted advertising, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to expand our buyer base.

At Snoofa, every auction house, artist, gallery, and dealership is given equal opportunity to showcase their offerings to potential buyers. We serve you, as a dynamic matchmaking hub, connecting sellers with eager collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Join us to unlock the limitless potential of growth online.

Experience Remarkable Efficiencies

While our marketplace stands as a powerful feature on its own, our auction management software is class-leading. Repetitive processes are automated, and work-flow is streamlined.

If you are frustrated by your current AMS provider’s inability to fix aspects that annoy you, you will love Snoofa’s Fixit-Fridays, where we listen to user feedback. With an inherent grasp of auction processes, our system is engineered for stability, security, and compliance, seamlessly integrating into your workflow.

Trust Snoofa to streamline your operations and elevate your auction experience.

Specialist White Label Software

Created exclusively for auctioneers, galleries, and dealerships, Snoofa offers specialised white-label software solutions. Our extensive backoffice functionality empowers you with live, timed online, and sealed bid auctions. Meticulous attention to detail aligns our design language with your brand identity, ensuring a seamless experience for bidders.

Our cloud-based platform, coupled with responsive design, ensures accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Experience the convenience and flexibility of Snoofa, revolutionising the way you manage auctions.

Auction Consultancy

Experience the potential of auctioneering through our guided process. If you have not hosted an auction before, we can help. Auction with confidence through our specialist consultancy services. Benefit from our Directors’ wealth of experience, ranging from prestigious institutions like Christie’s and Bonham’s in London to active management of an internationally recognised specialist stringed instrument auction house.

Gain invaluable industry insights and personalised guidance to navigate every aspect of your auction venture, ensuring a solid foundation for sustainable success.

A.M.P. & A.M.L…W.T.F?

Art market participants (AMPs) must adhere to stringent AML regulations for transactions exceeding €10,000. Navigate the complex landscape of anti-money laundering (AML) regulations effortlessly with Snoofa’s integrated AML solution. Our unique registration system provide vital tools in an increasingly regulated field.

Various levels of checks lead bidders through appropriate pathways. Admins are automatically notified should a bidder status change should formal AML documentation be required.

Read what our clients have to say…

Sam Bell
Sam Bell
September 19, 2023
Snoofa has transformed our auction delivery methodology from valuation to shipment. The platform’s unparalleled functionality, including embedded AML compliance, is underpinned by a team of seasoned experts who provide comprehensive support and authoritative guidance.
May 3, 2023
The perfect tool for an auction. Snoofa has a beautiful auction software that helps, mange clients, auctions, invoicing and valuations. The process and the use of the software is very easy and professional. Crafted from the experience of previous auctioneers, Snoofa has gone far and beyond to deliver the best customer experience and satisfaction. With team of experts helping in every step of the way, you will find your self in safe hands as you conduct day to day auction business. I highly recommend the use of Snoofa, it is the next generation software tool for auction houses.
Adam Garner
Adam Garner
November 3, 2022
Snoofa is an ever evolving versatile back office and Auction system. The knowledgeable team are always keen to improve the experience with regular updates and new features.
Philip Belcher
Philip Belcher
November 2, 2022
Great product and team. Well done snoofa!
Akbar Khan
Akbar Khan
November 10, 2021
The development team are trying harder now very good . 4 stars is a good rating and once perfect I will upgrade to 5 stars
Catty Lowsley Williams
Catty Lowsley Williams
October 14, 2021
Thank you Snoofa!!!! An all-round fantastic experience… Couldn’t be happier with the service we received… excellent software….Our online auction ran beautifully… a smooth operation all round. Our event was a fundraiser and we raised considerably more than we had anticipated. The option to add extra time to the bidding is a deal breaker in terms of raising maximum funds. Thank you x
Olly Joshi
Olly Joshi
August 12, 2021
Working with the Snoofa team has been a dream. They delivered exactly what we were after and no ask was too much. Would 100% work with them again and recommend anyone who is looking for their service.
FCS Compliance
FCS Compliance
July 30, 2021
Snoofa is a delight to partner with and share our commitment to helping businesses meet the AML compliance requirements demanded by law. This is reflected in their carefully tailored platform which provides auctioneers and AMPs with an affordable and robust solution that manages volume.
Lynn Strover
Lynn Strover
April 29, 2021
Working with Snoofa is a complete experience, up to the minute advice on industry best practice alongside regular system development. The team spot what’s coming down the track and bring their experience to forming an approach on how to handle. It’s like having an extended team working alongside you, supporting your business progress all the way.
Ian Siebert
Ian Siebert
January 4, 2021
Great software as well as a great team of people!. Would encourage anyone to speak to Snoofa for not only the software but also the team of people that are so full of passion, who treat your business like their own.

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