About Us

Our exceptional team has developed Snoofa with great care and attention to detail. Snoofa does everything auctioneering software should do, 
and a whole lot more.

The Snoofa Team


Sarah Buchanan

Managing Director

Having started her auctioneering career at Christie’s where she was PA to the Chairman and Director of Valuations, Sarah worked for the Goldsmith family before setting up and running Amati Auctions from 2011. Sarah brings a clarity of mind and calm which has proved invaluable over the years. She has two daughters. Nobody is better under stress.


Tony Vlcek


Tony is the techie genius responsible for structuring the business logic Snoofa is built on. By the end of Snoofa V1, Tony had produced software that should have taken fifty engineers to build. Now he supervises a team of ten and is pulling together V3. Tony has the rare gift of explaining difficult processes simply.


David Findlay

Onboarding Project Manager

David is an auction veteran. With nearly three decades in the industry, he was previously at Christie's as International Director of IT solutions. David has been based in Melbourne, New York and London, as well as working extensively in Asia. His past experience also includes: art specialist, strategy and M&A, overseeing transformation and business change, in operations and subsidiary businesses.


James Buchanan


James has over 20 years’ experience at auction houses. He has worked at Bonham's and ran the music department at Christie's before setting up and running two of his own auction companies, Brompton’s and Amati. As a result, James was crushingly aware of the problems that existing software was causing the industry. When caffeinated James has a lot of ideas, - some of them useful - and has unrivalled enthusiasm for giving online auction technology the boost it needs.


Caroline Watson

Data Privacy Consultant

Caroline is an experienced Data Privacy consultant, who provides actionable insights for her clients and helps them achieve compliance with privacy regulations. She has experience in creating business focused solutions for organisations who need to meet the requirements of GDPR and comply with Data Protection Act 2018, PECR, as well as the forthcoming ePrivacy regulations. She provides tactical implementation of information governance structures, based on compliance gap analysis and risk.


Oswald Knight

Client Account Manager

Five years in the auction industry has given Oswald an insight into most of the issues that come up in running an auction house. Oswald is probably the person you are most likely to talk to if you call the office.

Trusted by some of the best in the industry

"Although I do not yet use the technology, the demonstration reminded me of Tesla technology in an arena full of Model T Fords"
Jeremy Lamond
Associated Director, Woolley & Wallis

"Sarah's diligent management from start to finish has made all the difference and the guidance and training with Snoofa has been first class. It is one thing to have a well developed piece of software but the team of people behind Snoofa makes this an all round experience. I would recommend Snoofa to everyone involved with auctioneering!"
Ian Siebert
Director, Isaac Auctioneers