SnoofaLive | Timed Online | Sealed Bids

Attract new vendors and buyers directly to your website by offering a choice of auction options.

Big or small, low or high value, general or specialist - no matter how you auction, Snoofa can help.

Easier cataloguing

You can record all your sale items - estimate, status, extra details - and then assign to an auction. Lotting up can quickly be done in batch or drag-and-drop actions.

Safer previewing

Our handy preview tool lets you put an auction live and check everything is correct, but keeps it protected from public view until you’re 100% happy.

Live auctions

Bids can come in online until the point of the hammer coming down, so there is no need for third party streaming services.

Get Paid

Improve your cashflow with streamlined invoicing and integrated online payment facilities.

Snapshot auction statistics

The auction dashboard logs key statistics on an easy to read visual summary page.

Useful data analysis

Your critical auction data is at your fingertips. These valuable insights allow you to make informed strategic business decisions.