Sad news – FCS Compliance Announces Sudden Death of Founder and MD, Jerry Walters

Sarah Buchanan

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Having started her auctioneering career at Christie’s where she was PA to the Chairman and Director of Valuations, Sarah worked for the Goldsmith family before setting up and running Amati
Auctions from 2011. Sarah brings a clarity of mind and calm which has proved invaluable over the years. She has two daughters. Nobody is better under stress.

It was with tremendous sadness that we learnt Jerry had died. It was one of those moments when your breath catches because of the tragic unexpectedness.

Jerry had a pivotal role in helping us develop our AML system and many of Snoofa’s clients were treated to one of his training sessions, me included. His wise counsel and willingness to help no matter how big or small will be much missed. We send our sincerest condolences to his family and the FCS team.

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